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 A Dark Reflection, Shadowhunters Premium
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 09:29 PM
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Valentine has been stopped, Jace and Maia both saved, the city saved from a demon invasion, and all is well. At least, that's what it looks like. Things are never that simple in the Shadow World, and evil is always planning. Believing Clary's brother, Jonathon dead, he is recuperating. Lilith, the mother of demons is taking care of him, and planning their next move. Meanwhile, angels walk among us. With news of what has happened and of Shadowhunters working with Downworlders, it calls into question whether the demon blooded and infected are truly lost causes or not. So giving up much of their power, some angels have come down in mortal bodies to investigate, hoping to keep their presence unknown. Jace starts feeling things he can't explain and worries what it means, especially as no one raises the dead without a price. Alec brings Lydia back as his new second in command to help them make changes in the way the Institute is run, and Isabelle, well she's feeling the effects of her family moving on to new relationships and projects, so is looking for answers herself. Simon is keeping a secret regarding the Seelie Quee that might just cause more harm than good. The Shadow World is changing, the past is turning into simply

A Dark Reflection

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