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bad girl with a heart of... something
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Age: 30
Species: Werewolf
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Player: Dani
Subtitle: like a bad Bond villain
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Anastasia Lobenova


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Mar 9 2015, 12:44 AM
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Chance McIvry is <a href="">Catherine's</a> dad. He is an adrenaline junkie werewolf who likes skydiving, extreme sports, etc. He does these in his free time, as he is an emergency room doctor. His reason for always requiring a rush is totally up to you. His history, other than a study abroad/foreign exchange trip to Moscow when he was a teenager that resulted in Catherine's conception, is entirely up to you.
For a playby, I am thinking Charlie Hunnam.

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Feb 18 2015, 09:22 PM
The Player

Name: DANI
Contact: your best bet is PM here, but I'm also lizardqueend on Skype

The Character

Name: Anastasia Tasya Lobenov
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Species: Werewolf
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Ice blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 122lbs
Celebrity Playby: Maika Monroe
General Description:

Anya isn't particularly tall at only 5'3, though her body has plenty of curves to make up for it. She's the ideal bombshell with blond hair, blue eyes, large breasts, a round butt, and tight abs. She exudes sex like a perfume. Her Russian heritage is featured most strongly in her face, as she has managed to hide her accent over the years. (Unless she's drunk, in which case she is barely understandable.) She carries herself a bit arrogantly, as she knows she's drop-dead gorgeous. Her voice is a bit gruff from years and years of heavy smoking and drinking, but she could give a damn.

In her wolf form, Anya is pale gold with darker markings along her back and under her eyes. She still has her shocking blue eyes, her supernatural side showing, as true wolves cannot have blue eyes. She is on the small side for a werewolf but is still larger than the average normal wolf, weighing in at 130lbs (about the size of a Great Pyrenees).

Anya has a very strong "act first, think later" attitude towards life, regardless of the number of times that there have been dire consequences. She doesn't really seem to learn from her mistakes, and is about as stubborn as a person can be. The little Russian lives for adrenaline, whether it be from wild sex, violence, drug use, or the thrill of a chase. It doesn't take much for her to feel bored and stir-crazy, and that's when she tends to get in the most trouble.

She is hot-tempered and violent, having little regard for other people's lives and very, VERY few scruples. She maintains a fascination with religion, though she never actually follows any. The woman tries to better herself through study, although it always ends with her feeling too still and needing to go out and cause trouble. Essentially she's selfish and bullheaded, and tends to get herself into trouble she can't quite get out of.

There is some good to the woman; despite being the universe's worst mother, she does love her daughter with all of her heart. She is loyal to those she cares for, and she's tougher than nails. Definitely someone you want on your side, the kind of woman who would have your back and do a damn fine job protecting it.

Distinguishing Features:
- волчица (she wolf) in cursive on her left arm
- rose on her right thigh
- snake wrapped around an apple on her ribcage, right side

-Startlingly light blue eyes, very icy in appearance.

Important Inventory:
- Dragunov sniper rifle
- 2 Makarov pistols
- 2 Scorpion submachine guns
- knives, lots of knives


Anastasia Tasya Lobenov was born December 30, in a little tiny wood and tin house in Kirov, Russia. She was one of the middle children in her rather large family. She had three sisters: Natalya, Lara, and Lilia, and four brothers: Stefan, Stanislaus, Vanya, and Ilya. Life was difficult to begin with for the Lobenov family, and it grew far more difficult at the death of Anya's mother at the age of seven. Several of the siblings suspected that their mother was murdered, but no one was entirely sure. The patriarch of the family grew particularly abusive after the death of his wife, taking the majority of his rage out on the eldest, Natalya. Anya in turn took care of the other siblings, particularly her two younger brothers.

Natalya ran away when Anastasia was eleven, and without her big sister around to stop the beatings, they grew worse. The young girl eventually grew to believe that she would be better off on the streets, and so she ran away. After stealing what little cash her father had, she managed to make her way onto a train for Moscow, taking on the big city with only a small bag of clothes and enough money to live for about a day and a half. It didn't take long for her to begin prostituting herself for money to avoid sleeping in dumpsters. She quickly became friends with a callgirl that was just a bit older, a girl named Rebecca. The girls kept each other safe and warm, and meant everything to one another. Rebecca even helped dispose of the body of a John that had gotten far too rough with Anya, throwing him into a dumpster and burning it all.

At sixteen, Anya discovered that she was pregnant. She knew enough from her mother's pregnancies that she went to the outskirts of town and shifted, surviving by killing livestock when other game was too scarce. She delivered one healthy pup that she instantly fell in love with. The girl smelled like a teenage exchange student that she had slept with willingly, and so she assumed that must be the father. She knew his name, Chance McIvory, and she knew that he was from Ohio. She hoped that she might one day be able to find him and get his help in raising the girl, Catherine Rebecca Lobenov.

She refused to part with her child, so she returned to Moscow and began her work again. Rebecca would watch the baby while Anya worked, and they managed to rent a little apartment and keep themselves and the baby fed. Things were good for a few months, but then Rebecca was murdered by an angry pimp. Anya used her every wit to find him and kill him, and that action would change the course of her life.

At the age of seventeen, only a week after she had killed the pimp, Anya was found by a werewolf who had been watching her. He was mercenary who was in town to perform an assassination when he had seen Anya kill and dispose of the pimp. She had been brutally efficient and he was impressed. He offered to train her, as long as she only worked for him and he got a cut of her profits. Anya figured it was only slightly better, but that it would help provide for her daughter more. After all, this werewolf had millions of dollars to his name. She could provide Catherine with a future.

After a few years of studying under the wolf, Anya decided it was time for her to set out on her own. She said goodbye to him the only way she knew how - with silver in his skull. She took all of his money and left. It took most of the cash, but she managed to get both herself and Catherine to the United States with fake identities. She also set the two of them up with an apartment and hired a full-time nanny for the girl so that she could continue her work. She had grown to love it as much as she wanted to provide for her daughter. She forgot all about finding the girl's father, and had long giving up on finding her sister.

Then, when Catherine was ten, she begged her mother to find Chance. She wanted to know her father, and it was only fair for Anya to use her vast resources to find him after the lonely childhood Catherine had been forced to endure. Anya tracked him down in Miami, Florida. He was an emergency room doctor - he lived for adrenaline. He always had. She contacted him and he agreed to meet Catherine. The two connected almost instantly, as Chance was more like the level-headed Catherine. Anya and Cat were preparing to move to Miami a few months later when Natalya reappeared in Anya's life, having tracked her down using her own mercenary resources. Somehow their lives had taken similar paths. Perhaps being good at killing people was a family trait.

The reunion was not all sunshine and rainbows, but the future was beginning to look brighter. The three wolves moved together to Miami. Not only was the city a hub of criminal activity, but Catherine could be close to her father. It looked like Anya might finally have the family she always wanted...
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