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Age: 29
Species: Witch
Affiliation: It's Complicated
Player: Dani
Subtitle: voodoo child
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Adelaide Fourcard


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Mar 22 2015, 09:05 PM
The Player

Name: Dani
Contact: Notes written in origami animals

The Character

Name: Adelaide Brienne Fourcard
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Species: Witch
Hair Color: Bright red (dyed)
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138lbs
Celebrity Playby: Rihanna


Selfish ☩ Adelaide is a survivor. She has been through all kinds of hell in her life and it has made her callous to the feelings of others. Getting close to others is terrifying and allows her to be weak, which she just can't allow. Even those who she considers her friends are kept at an emotional distance so that she can't be hurt.

Proud ☩ The witch came from nothing and made herself into a successful businesswoman. Her shop isn't the biggest or the best in the world, but it provides for her and that's what matters. Besides, when people want to deal in curses and blood work, they know who will get the job done right. That kind of reputation has made Adelaide proud. She is also rather vain and would never, ever leave the house without her hair done and her makeup meticulously applied.

Lusty ☩ While not overly promiscuous, Adelaide does enjoy a good romp between the sheets. She doesn't believe in romantic love, so her trysts are all either one-nighters or mutually arranged to be non-exclusive and non-romantic. Love is far too messy to get involved in.

Vengeful ☩ Being a very passionate woman, Adelaide hates with a special kind of fury. Those that cross her or attempt to hurt anyone she deems under her protection are in for a bad time. She's not afraid to use her magic to kill and she's definitely not afraid to use it to torture.

Charismatic ☩ Even though she doesn't let people into her heart, Adelaide has a generally warm outward demeanor. She has excellent customer service skills and knows how to work a room. People either love her or hate her from the first introduction. She has a very strong personality that some find off-putting, while others are drawn to it.

Skilled in Magic ☩ Adelaide has been practicing blood magic from her youth and is extremely well-learned and skilled at what she does. She used her necessity for survival to make herself stronger.

Street-Smart ☩ This little sorceress knows how the world works. She isn't naive in the least and has wisdom that belies her years.

Distinguishing Features:
Fire-red hair, unusual accent (Louisiana creole and Haitian mixed).

Important Inventory:
- Many old books on witchcraft, all hand-written and some very old
- Her altar and the things upon it
- A gris gris bag her mother made her when she was very small. She often wears the small pouch tied to a cord around her neck.

Adelaide was the middle child of Beulah Fourcard, a renowned vodou priestess in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. When Adelaide was four years old, Beulah got involved in a territorial dispute, and fearing for her children, sent them to live with their grandmother in New Orleans.

The children, Eli, Adelaide, and Naomi, were poor but happy. Their grandmother was a former witch who had renounced her ways and had become a Christian zealot. The children relied on one another to survive frequent beatings, and Adelaide in particular longed for her former home.

In secret, Adelaide began to train under other witches in New Orleans. She began her training when she was about ten years old, telling her grandmother that she was going to a prayer group with some girls from school. One older woman, Liliah, agreed to teach Adelaide only if the girl would do tasks for her that she no longer could. Old age had weakened the woman and she was unable to run errands or carry heavy things.

Adelaide was quite adept at her studies and did well under Liliah's tutelage. When she was fourteen, she ran away from home to live with the witch. There was a great deal of drama between Liliah and Adelaide's grandmother, but eventually Liliah won out and Adelaide was disowned. The teen didn't mind much, though she missed her siblings.

Beulah grew very ill when Adelaide was sixteen, and she moved back to Haiti to take care of her. Her mother taught her what she could of witchcraft. Adelaide thrived, though her mother faded away. The two had three years together, the best years of Adelaide's life. Finally, the cancer finished its work on Beulah, and Adelaide was left alone again. Heartbroken after her mother's death, she took her inheritance and moved to Miami to start a small occult shop.

Adelaide's shop, Broomsticks, has been a fixture in Miami for nearly a decade. On the edge of Little Haiti, the shop offers items both mundane and truly magical, though she keeps the good stuff hidden in the back. People come to her for scrying, curses, to have curses removed, and more. The building Broomsticks is in has three floors: the first floor is the shop itself, the second a storage and workspace, and the top floor is Adelaide's apartment.

Adelaide is tenuously connected to La Bruja's people because all witches in the city must bow to La Bruja, but she also provides services for other supernaturals and mundane people throughout Miami.
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