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Born: 13 December 1981
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Age: 34
Species: Werewolf
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Player: Ney
Subtitle: probably a communist
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Natalya Lobenova


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Feb 18 2015, 09:55 PM
The Player

Name: Ney.
Contact: PM me or terribleterror on skype.

The Character

Name: Natalya "Natasha" Aleksandra Lobenova
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Species: Werewolf
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Icy blue
Height: 5’1”
Weight: ~120
Celebrity Playby: Jennifer Connelly

General Description:
Short, well-muscled, plain-jane and utilitarian. If you want a delicate flower, this girl is not it. She rarely wears makeup unless her sister talks her into it, and her street clothes look vaguely punk without the effort. Natasha’s hair is long, black, and shaved underneath from the midpoint of one ear to the other. It used to be full and unshaved, but Miami is just too damn hot. Her eyes are pale blue, her eyelashes long, and her mouth more often than not a subtle, if not slightly smug, smirk. Her skin is fairly pale, but since moving to Florida she’s taken on the slightest of tans. Her clothes are usually black, often from a military surplus or thrift store, and always have lots of pockets. The girl does not own any shoes that aren’t boots or trainers, and hasn’t worn a dress since she was ten. All the same, genetics blessed her with the same curves as her sister — only Natasha goes out of her way not to show them off, unlike Anya. She even walks more like a man than a woman, with her shoulders straight and her head high. She exudes an air of never being afraid of anything - though whether or not that’s actually true is something only she knows.

Distinguishing Features:
+Both ears pierced three times.
+Pale, icy blue creepy eyes.
+Tattoo of a hammer and sickle on her left bicep, black and red ink.
+”Hellcat” in Russian along upper right inner arm. Mostly because that spot hurts and she’s tough.
+Septum piercing, gotten on a whim when she was drunk and Anya talked her into it.
+Several scars, the worst of which are on her back. There are a few cigarette burn marks on her wrists and forearms, and there are lash marks across her back.

+Working out
+Guns guns guns
+Big scary dogs
+Dog training
+Red meat

+Speaking English
+Most men
+Little yappy dogs
+The aerobics trend

General Personality:
Oddly enough, Natasha is a fairly happy person. Her job may entail a lot of blood and guts and gore, but she at least enjoys it. More dismissive than anything, she’s short with most people because she doesn’t see them as being worth the time. If anything stands out about her, it’s her unflinching dedication to work and getting a job done right. ‘Perfectionist’ suits. ‘Frigid’ might also fit, particularly if you ask Anya. Natasha prefers to speak in Russian despite having a strong command of the English language, though unlike her younger sibling, Natasha’s accent is still as strong as ever. She makes no effort to conceal it. Moreover, she doesn’t make much of an effort to conceal much of anything about her, besides the whole hired killer and werewolf thing. That, at least, is helped by hanging out in the right circles - the ones where she doesn’t have to try and pretend to be something she isn’t. Natasha is painfully blunt at times, and despite knowing precisely what tact is, makes no effort to use it.

She has a heart, and it’s quite a warm, affectionate one - but seeing signs of it generally requires having some kind of genetic relation to her. Family is everything. She adores Catherine, and sort-of tolerates some of the men Anya brings home. Occasionally. If drunk and in a really good mood.

Important Inventory:
+So many guns.
+So many knives.
+An odd amount of duct tape.
+A very big German shepherd.

Natasha’s life did not start out easy. Born to a poor family with too many mouths to feed, she learned from an early age that the world did not take kindly on inaction or a lack of preparation. When Natalya was eleven, her beloved mother was murdered in front of her - though to this day she’s very unwilling to discuss the event. With her other siblings now motherless and her father an abusive drunk with a serious anger problem and a giant chip on his shoulder, Natasha was left with no other choice but to stand in for her younger siblings. She managed to take the brunt of her father’s rage, but by her mid teenage years, it had finally become too much to bear. With a great amount of guilt and regret, she left home one night, promising her siblings that she’d come back for them once she found safety and stability.

Of course, safety and stability were a long time coming. For several years she drifted, stealing and running drugs for extra money here and there. She was always a scrappy fighter, excelled at hunting - it was how she fed her siblings, after all - and a particularly good tracker. And beyond that, she was patient - at least when it came to the hunt. Conversation, not so much, but she could wait for hours to bring down a big, healthy deer. An offer presented itself one day, and in what might have been desperation, she took it and started on her road towards being a hired killer.

Turned out she was good at it. Over the years, she got better. Efficient and brutal, she carved her way through hell and back again before she had enough money to return home and give her siblings the promise they’d been waiting for.

Unfortunately, by the time she got there, their tiny hovel in the middle of nowhere was abandoned. There were no signs of her good-for-nothing father, and every brother and sister was long gone. Grief-stricken, Natasha searched the local town, but the best lead she found was that her father was in prison and the siblings had all either been given over to orphanages or had left home.

Back in the United States again, she made use of a long-standing debt with a local investigator, and managed to at least track Anastasia down. What she found was heartbreaking, at least to a degree: the girl had been a prostitute, but had recently found new work doing... something else. Something more along the lines of her sister's profession.

It was a painful reunion, but with her long-lost sister in tow, Natasha felt a little more whole again. Even better: Natasha was now an aunt. The three ended up settling in Miami - though Natasha had never been especially keen on the idea - but Catherine's father was there, and he was a good man. Better than some, anyway.

RP Sample:
See Will Fenway
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