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Born: 21 May 1982
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Age: 32
Species: Werewolf
Affiliation: Miami P.D./Liberty City Pack
Player: Ney
Subtitle: the unluckiest werewolf.
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Will Fenway


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Feb 18 2015, 09:50 PM
The Player

Name: Ney
Contact: PM me or terribleterror on skype

The Character

Name: William Harrison Fenway.
Gender: Male.
Age: 32
Species: Werewolf.
Hair Color: Red.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200lbs
Celebrity Playby: Simon Woods

General Description:
Will is tall, possessing an athletic build and a sour expression, with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. His skin is pale, which goes well with the red hair, and he usually has some sort of five o'clock shadow hanging around. It’s probably not surprising that he has freckles, either. He generally looks smug, tends to slouch, and more often than not looks like he got most of his clothes from a thrift store - which isn’t really far from the truth. He lets his hair grow shaggy for a while before he remembers to cut it, and generally just looks like the kind of guy you wouldn’t necessarily want to run into down a dark alleyway. Will looks like a guy who grew up on the streets of Miami and does a good job of passing for it, at least until he opens his mouth - his deep voice is laced with a British accent, and not necessarily a slummy one, either.

His wolf form is larger than average, with ruddy fur banded with grey. His eyes in wolf form are yellow, and when fully shifted, the only thing that gives him away is his size and that supernatural look of beyond-wolfish intelligence.

Distinguishing Features:
+He’s a ginger, so there’s that.
+British accent. Kinda sticks out a bit in Miami.
+Speaks English, Spanish, and French, though less French than the other two.

+Fast cars
+Video games, particularly arcade games
+Working out
+Punk rock
+His job, oddly enough

+Cheap alcohol
+Most people
+Pigeons, particularly the ones that shit on him
+Conspiracy Theorists (though he does find them pretty entertaining)
+Talking about ~feelings~

General Personality:
In short, Will is a sarcastic asshole. He comes off as gruff and short at first, and his sense of humor is pretty dry. Will is pretty common in Miami’s underworld, finding himself at underground fights, frequenting the strip clubs, bars, and other institutions of the night life. He doesn't spend much time talking about his feelings, and would prefer if the world thought him relatively emotionless. The guy likes to crack jokes, and humor is his general way of trying to diffuse things. All the same, Will has a pretty bad temper when it comes down to it. Years of practice have taught him a significant amount of control, and his understanding of his own addictive personality has helped him avoid falling into too many traps thus far. He has a fairly dominant personality as werewolves go, but finds himself in the unfortunate position of being unwilling to lead and unwilling to follow. For now, he’s without a pack, and intends to stay that way - though he’s not one to let himself be walked on.

There’s a part of Will that only a few outside of the drug dens know, however - Will is actually an active police officer, and is incredibly dedicated to protecting the streets of Miami. Were he one to deal with pack structure, he might make a good beta - he’s protective, loyal, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Even if he doesn’t like to listen to the higher ups, he has enough sense to understand when it’s for the greater good. Beneath the rough exterior is a man who at least tries to be a good person, even if he’s got to be bad to do some good.

Important Inventory:
+Badge, very sneakily concealed on his person at all times
+Standard issue sidearm
+Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool)

Despite the accent, Will was born in the States. Born to British parents in Long Island, NY, he spent most of his childhood with several siblings across the pond in various different cities, but most of his formative years were spent in London. By his teenage years his parents had settled down in St. Petersburg, and the young redhead worked his way through high school and eventually made his way to college at Tulane University in Louisiana. He did fairly well in school, and managed to graduate with a passing GPA and a degree in anthropology and sociology. After toying with a boyhood dream of further traveling the world and studying primitive cultures, Will found his calling in law enforcement. St. Petersburg wasn’t the safest place in the world despite having a fairly affluent makeup.

Time passed, and Will’s success in the St. Pete PD eventually led him to an opening in Miami. Here, he could finally use those years of Spanish lessons, and spend a good deal of time studying a subculture unto the city itself: Miami’s own crime ring. This job would thrust him deep into it, and the stakes were higher than ever… but Will always loved the threat of danger.

RP Sample:

“Yes, mum, I know.” She was doing that thing she did — worrying. If she wasn’t bothering him about when he was going to get married, Will’s mum was harassing him about work. When was he going to take a nice desk job and settle down? Find a nice girl and have some grandchildren for her to spend time with? Who were they going to take to that timeshare in the Keys? At least his relocation gave them an excuse to use it.

The flight hadn’t been too grueling, and Will had spent most of it asleep. It had only been an hour. “Look, mum—“ Interrupted again. He loved the woman, he really did. But this was absurd. “Mum, I’m about to run out of time. I’ll call you as soon as I get everything set up at my flat. Love you, just wanted to tell you I got in safely.” He glanced down at his wrist, eyeing the beat-up watch face with suspicion. “Okay. Okay. I know. I love you, bye.” He had just enough time to end the call before the payphone did it for them. Sighing, he stepped out of the airport, lighting up a cigarette before making his way to the rental car the department had secured for him.

Being a new wolf in a strange city was always weird. The airport reeked of all sorts of contraband - having the sense of smell of a wolf made that startlingly obvious. Given everything they’d told him prior to the flight, Will knew he had his work cut out for him. But for now, getting out of the airport and to whatever would become “home” took priority. At least his wanderlust would be temporarily sated.
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