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Age: 80
Species: Werewolf
Affiliation: Miami P.D.
Player: Dani
Subtitle: I AM THE LAW
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Belinda Ermintraude


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Feb 20 2015, 07:24 PM
The Player

Name: Dani-bo-nani
Contact: PM is best

The Character

Name: Belinda Isthild Ermintraude
Gender: Female
Age: 80, looks 35 or so
Species: Werewolf
Hair Color: Ash blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135lbs
Celebrity Playby: Charlize Theron

General Description:
Belinda is very pretty, and with her blond hair and blue eyes, her descent is rather obvious. While her German accent has faded significantly over the years, she still retains it when she's angry or drunk. Her body is lightly muscled, and there is a toughness to her, like she could stare down just about anyone if she wanted to badly enough. Her smile is bright and friendly, not predatory, and it is slightly crooked, the left side rising more than the right. There is a deep sadness in her eyes, as if something was lost to her that was never returned.

A certain wisdom seems to emanate from the she-wolf, years of experience visible in her actions. She walks with pride, and those werewolves who come near her can sense her dominance. Unlike a great number of other Alphas, she doesn't use a loud voice or shows of force to get other wolves attention, they simply know to look.

Belinda is most often seen in her police uniform, carefully starched and pressed. Her shoes shine, her gun glistens - she takes great pride in her appearance and belongings. She is proud to be a police officer and prouder still to have been promoted to the rank of Captain, in charge of the undercover division.

Those who see her back would notice that she has a large, thick scar on her left shoulder blade that looks like a bullet exit wound. There is a smaller wound on the front of her chest that would suggest this to be the case. She has another, smaller bullet wound on her right shoulder blade, though it looks as if that bullet didn't go all the way through. Her arms and legs are usually riddled with small cuts and scratches, though these heal quickly and she doesn't seem to mind them.

In were-form, Belinda has thick shaggy blond fur and startling blue eyes. She grows much larger and much bulkier, with razor sharp claws and thick muscles. When in were form, a thick patch of fur is missing from her left shoulder blade.

In wolf form Belinda resembles a Timber Wolf of Germany, though a very light shade of one. She is just slightly larger than the average wolf, though not enough for the casual observer to spot the difference. She also has the patch of fur missing in the same places as her were form.

Distinguishing Features:
-Bright blue eyes
-German accent in some cases - when she's drunk or angry she forgets and reverts to it; replacing her "w's" with "v's" and vice-versa.
-Looks young for her age, even for a werewolf.
-Commanding presence.

-Fighting for what she believes in
-Beer, but not that American piss-water
-Wine, preferably Rieslings.
-Bright colors
-Running through the woods in wolf form
-A good argument
-A round with the punching bag
-When she makes her point
-Helping out those in need
-Working with her hands
-Other weres
-Rock music, particularly the Rolling Stones and the Beatles

-People who hate her for her German heritage
-Hard winters
-Gangbangers and thugs

General Personality:
Belinda has lived a great many years, and she has grown as a person in those times. She started life as a fairly dependent creature, needing to lean on others in order to survive. As she grew older she became more and more independent. The dominance within her grew and she began developing strong Alpha traits. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does, whether it's catching the bad guys or filing paperwork.

Her work as a police officer is obvious in many of her gestures and the way she tends to stand, as if she were at attention. While she is a very outgoing woman, and always has words for the press and the general public, there is a quiet side to her as well. While the werewolf is a capable leader and doesn't mind company too much, she generally prefers to sit in her condo by herself. She might have a glass of wine or a beer, and take a bath, read, or listen to the radio. While she has made several attempts at relationships, few lovers end up with her for more than a few weeks, as she has a habit of pushing people away. She longs for the company of a pack but doesn't know how to reconcile her job in the human world with the kinds of trouble werewolves tend to get into.

Important Inventory:
-Her grandfather's signet ring.
-Her badge


The werewolf was born in a small village in Southwestern Germany. The entire village was comprised of the pack, and life was good for the young girl. Unfortunately, the good times would not last. War came to her homeland, and Belinda and two of her sisters fled for England, where they were welcomed with slurs and fists. The three werewolves bought a farm in Scotland and hid there for several decades, avoiding as much of the strife of Europe as possible.

Belinda's eldest sister, Nina, decided to return to Germany during the rise of the Nazi party. She believed that Germany was changing for the better and that they should return to their mother country to help with the change. Belinda refused, having grown fond of her life on the farm. Nina would later be killed in the firebombing of Dresden.

After Nina's death, the farm held too many memories for Belinda and her remaining sister, Letta. The two moved to Canada in the early 1950's. There, Letta fell in love with the Alpha of the largest Toronto pack and married him. Feeling very much like a third wheel, Belinda decided to move on once more. She moved to Vancouver and enrolled in the police academy. She spent nearly fifteen years there before her slow aging began to raise questions.

The werewolf decided that the best course of action would be to start over again and she moved to Chicago. She became a police officer there, working her way up to vice. It then became easier to transfer cities every few years so that no questions could be asked of her youthful appearance.

In 1983 she was offered a position in Miami, Florida, working as the Captain of a new undercover unit. She accepted, and has been in Miami ever since.
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