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Age: 126
Species: Werewolf
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Player: John
Subtitle: This Wolf Eats Fascists
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Mags Amundsen


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Jul 22 2017, 02:25 AM
So, this is Mags. They’re pretty new to Miami after spending the last few decades in NYC. They work security at a music venue, mostly at the door, but they are often called in to break up fights. They also used to work as a bodyguard for hire to various politicians in New York, and would probably take work guarding drug shipments for either of the supernatural crime organizations. Although, in their years they have heard whispers of the Nox Vigilata and, despite doubting their existence, would being willing to work with them if offered the chance. They’re generally a happy, jovial wolf. They love to drink, pal around, and listen to music, but are a force to be reckoned with when angered.

As far as plots go, I’m looking for friends, drinking buddies, sparring partners, enemies, even lovers (they don’t have an exact gender preference, but it’s been pretty rare that they’ve found themself attracted to a man that wasn’t a little bit feminine), also possible business contacts for any of the supernatural organizations. Beyond that, I am pretty open to suggestion.
Jul 19 2017, 07:15 PM
The Player

Name: John
Contact: PM

The Character

Name: Magnhildr Amundsen
Gender: Non-binary
Age: 126 | Looks late 30’s/early 40’s
Species: Werewolf
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Celebrity Playby: Casey Legler

The most noticeable thing about Mags is probably how easily they can pass for a man despite being afab, broad enough shoulders, flat enough chest, masculine enough facial features. It’s something that’s helped them out more than once. Their physique, while not quite sculpted is on the more muscular side of athletic from a life of mostly fighting and hunting. Rarely one to willingly wear a dress, Mags has always preferred a more masculine style of clothing. Currently, that involves clothing from military, heavy metal, and punk aesthetics. If a work situation calls for it, they also have a plain, black suit. All of this wrapped around a pale form that is muscular and athletic. Their dark brown hair is kept short, often shaved on the sides and back, and two grey/blue eyes dot their face.

In both of their shifted forms, Mags’ fur is the same color as that of their hair in human form, and their eyes remain blue/grey. They are also on the larger side, compromising their speed. However, they do get a large, light-grey patch covering a large part of their chest. They also look a bit mangy in their shifted forms, many of the battle scars they have received over the years being revealed in the form of a patchy coat and visible scars, depending on how deep their wounds were, giving them a truly monstrous, battle-hardened appearance.

Ironically, Mags is actually something of a teddy bear most of the time. Their common demeanor ranges from stoic to serene, and they tend to show affection pretty physically. At their best, they tend to give off an older sibling sort of vibe. Mags tends to enjoy being there for their friends, to share both good times and bad, usually with some kind of alcohol regardless of the nature of the occasion.

The way Mags normally expresses their emotions is very physical. To be more specific, they like to fight, regardless of their mood. However, how Mags fight is often affected by how they feel. If they’re fighting with someone they like, Mags will, generally, avoid hits to the face, groin, solar plexus, throat, and all of the other “sweet spots” as they prefer to call them. This also only tends to happen with Mags’ friends who also enjoy fighting. When they’re fighting a sparring partner, Mags will forgo these restrictions, but still fight without the intention of causing any serious injury, and, if they’re partner is less skilled than they are, they’ll adjust the force used and accordingly. When Mags is fighting someone they intend to hurt or kill, all bets are off. The fight will either be over as soon as they can end it or make a spectacle of it for anyone else around who might have a similar idea.

In their early(ier) years, Mags was a pretty dominant wolf and still is, to an extent. However, due to certain events in their life, their perspective has changed in terms of the whole “hierarchy” thing, and embrace Anarchism as a political philosophy. Because of this, they have decided to remain unaffiliated with any pack, and actively tries to keep their dominant tendencies in check.

Distinguishing Features:
-Several scars on their body from the numerous fights and wars they’ve seen
-Several tattoos across their body mainly of runic designs and imagery from Norse Mythology
-Persistent remnants of a Scandinavian accent

Important Inventory:
-Two flags, one from Free Territory of Ukraine and the other of the Spanish CNT-FAI
-Their record collection
-A small cache of various melee weapons and firearms
-Their van
-Mjolnir pendant

Magnhildr Amundsen was born in a small, rural community about a day’s ride from Oslo, Norway. Their pack was one that had been around for several centuries, originally founded near the close of the Viking Age. Though, they don’t refer to it as a pack, nor do they call themselves werewolves, at least not at ceremonies and other official functions. They were a tribe and the word they used was ulfhednar, warriors who had pledged themselves to the Norse god, Odin, said to be able to shapeshift into wolves. The tribe had formed in union with a group of volva witches seeking protections from the spreading influence of Christianity that would see them and anyone else who kept true to the old ways either killed or converted, the very last of the ulfhednar came together to protect both the coven of volva and a handful gothi priests from hunters and any supernatural threats. They acclimated to the changing culture around them, praying to Loki on Saturday nights before church that they put on convincing cover so not to tip off the others in the village. Threats would crop up every now and then that would be dealt with before anything got too out of hand, and that was how it went for the next several centuries.

Mags was born a month or so after Midsummer in 1857 along side their twin brother to the Chieftain of the tribe and his wife. They grew up playing with and fighting alongside each other. As the years progressed, they both proved to be two of the most dominant up and coming wolves in the tribe. It didn’t take long before the others began to think of them as the future leaders of the tribe, and those voices only got louder and more numerous with each fight either of them won. However, they were not the only ones with eyes on that prize. There was one wolf who also wanted to be Chieftain of the tribe and wanted Mags and their brother out of the picture sooner rather than later. It was that wolf who killed Mags’ brother and framed them for the murder. Mags’ father, not wanting to kill only surviving child, chose to exile them from the tribe instead. This was near the close of WWI.

Mags wandered Europe penniless, taking any job they could get to put a roof over their head and clothes on their back and going out at night in wolf form to hunt when they couldn’t buy food with what was left over. They eventually ended up in The Free Territory of Ukraine, and soon began fighting for the Nestor Makhno’s Black Army after being first intrigued and then quite taken with the non-hierarchical government the workers there had set up. Mags continued to hold a grudge against the USSR and its sympathizers after the Soviets conquered the Free Territory and exiled Makhno. They lived in Paris for about fifteen years until they heard of the civil war in Spain and decided to travel there to volunteer as a soldier in the militia, and that revolution was quelled just in time for them to travel back to Norway after hearing that it had been occupied by Nazi forces to join the Norwegian resistance.

When the war was over, Mags lived in London for a few years before deciding, almost on the fly, to move their life to New York City, wanting a change in scenery and ended up falling in love with the various music scenes there. They mainly worked as security at various bars and music venues, but also as a bodyguard for various local politicians on occasion after they established a reputation for themself that started with them, single-handedly breaking up a bar fight between five rather large men. Things went on that way for the next few decades, drinking, fighting, being immersed in the music scene as it grew and changed, the occasional one-night stand or short relationship, and the monthly “wilderness sabbatical” every full moon, but, one fateful night, Mags ended up killing the son of a mob boss while trying to break up a fight. As soon as they learned that the mob and half the cops in the city looking for them, Mags packed up what little possessions they had and drove almost as far south as they could, ending up in Miami. They haven’t been in Miami long, but they’ve gotten the lay of the land, and another security job at another music venue.
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