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 Custom BBCode Help
 Posted: Jul 22 2017, 05:38 PM
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Here's a quick primer on the site's custom BBCode!


To create a mini-header, just use the H2 code.




To create a smallish centered box with white text, use this code:

This is an example of the body code.

You do NOT need to use any line breaks, html, etc. Just use BBcode as you otherwise would in posts!


Character Reply

You can use these for posts, quick back and forth, letters, plotters, WHATEVER. It's an easy, quick code with an image.

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[char=URL of 450x150 image]TEXT. No <br> code or other breaks needed, just basic BBcode![/char]

There is some other custom BBcode installed that is currently for admins to use in creating site documents, but when more code becomes available for players, I'll add it here.

For any coding questions, please PM Dani.
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