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 Triggers?, You know, those pesky things.
 Posted: Jul 24 2017, 12:56 PM
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Triggers and Trigger Warnings
Okay, so I'm not great with these because I don't get triggered by much with regards to text. HOWEVER, I understand that quite a few roleplayers can find certain topics/concepts disturbing, so we please ask that you either:

Innappropriate Topics
The following topics/concepts are not to be posted about in the OOC areas. If the listing has an asterisk (*) beside it, then please mark your threads MATURE or with the appropriate Content Warning (Gore or Sex). MATURE is going to be the catch-all for anything that doesn't fall within gore or sex. Threads marked MATURE may contain any of the following and should be regarded with caution. If you want to post additional warnings at the beginnings of your posts/threads, you are welcome to do that as well.

The List
    ♣ Real-world Politics
    ♣ Gore*
    ♣ Sexual Violence*
    ♣ Detailed sex acts*
    ♣ Child abuse*
    ♣ Animal Abuse*

Add to the List
To have something added to the list, please either PM Dani or reply with the following form.

Trigger/Concern: The upsetting factor. This can be vague or very specific, and it doesn't necessarily have to be something that bothers you but you feel might be of major concern to others.
How serious? While all possibly triggering/upsetting content is serious, some things might just gross out/annoy a player, while others might cause flashbacks, panic attacks, etc. This is a great place to let us know if the topic is something that bugs you, or if it's something more.
Any additional thoughts: Anything else you'd like the admin team to know about this topic.


[b]How serious?[/b]
[b]Any additional thoughts:[/b]

Concerns will either be addressed directly in this thread or via PM. Thank you for helping us make Miami 1984 REDUX a fun and welcoming place for everyone!
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